LSU’s Orgeron performs PSA to help prevent spread of coronavirus

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron is lending his unmistakable voice as a means to inform the people of Louisiana about how to protect themselves and others in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.Orgeron, 58, encourages others to take proper precautions in his public service announcement.The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, shared the video over Twitter on Saturday.”For every winning team, a key to success is learning the playbook. That’s true in football, and it’s also true as we take on the coronavirus,” Orgeron said. “The spread of the coronavirus is a serious matter, but there’s a game plan for keeping residents as safe as possible. Everyone has a role to play as we face this challenge together.”Cover your cough with your elbow like this (demonstrates). Wash your hands thoroughly, a full 20 seconds. If you’re sick, stay home. If you think you should be tested, phone your health provider first. Avoid close contact with anyone who’s sick. Protect your at-risk family members, including the elderly. If you’re not at risk, take care as you go about your daily business.